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Know how much you earn sitting on the toilet and be entertained while doing it!
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The story of Poop Money

One day I was pooping at work and somehow asked myself one of the most important question there is. How much do I earn while sitting on the toilet? I really wanted to know and when I talked to my coworkers about it they became interested as well. After some research into poop apps I thought all of them are pretty crappy (pun intended). So I made my own. Simple and elegant user interface with the timer and analysis I wanted. After showing it to my coworkers and they loved it and gave me some nice suggestions. After talking with them and a little brainstorming I found out what people do while pooping. All of them were using different apps to entertain themselves while taking a dump. So I incorporated that in Poop Money in two ways:

  1. While pooping click on the poop money icon and it will tell you funny, interesting, situation based stories to entertain you. Every story in manually written to entertain you and they are updated every day.
  2. You can also enable quick launch bar where you can choose apps that you normally use while pooping and quick launch them after you started the Poop Money timer.
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  • Set you salary per month/week/hour.
  • Set you currency.
  • Enable/disable app bar and choose quick launch applications.
  • Suggest you own stories for poop time to us.


The poop at work app keeps all of your toilet earned money in a neat and organized way. You will be able to see where and when you’ve spent everything. Your poop salary can be analyzed and you can even see in which day you earned the most.

  • Select from/to date.
  • See duration and earnings for every poop.
  • See whole pooping duration and earnings for selected period.
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